Small Light and Timeless Light

Small Light and Timeless Light February 1, 2010

Everything is lighted. In the beginning, this is clear. In nature, we tip our face to the sun and our small light is renewed by the timeless light. Often, as we enter the realm of others, our small light serves as a lantern softening and illuminating everyone we look at; especially the dark ones who are blocked from their own light. Of course, we take turns being blocked and dark or open and lighted. This is the power of kindness, to return us to the light we carry. Yet sometimes along the way, no one knows exactly when or how, we can forget our own light and substitute the ones we illuminate as keepers of the light. Often without notice, we can stop opening our face to everything timeless; desperate to stay within our lover’s gaze. Now the inversion has taken place and we have entrusted our light to those who are dark and blocked, who more than evil just don’t know for the moment what to do with light. Why this happens to some of us and not others is a distraction; just as the origin of thirst is never quenching. The slip from opening our face to the light to chasing a dark one we think is holding the light is common. I have done it often in my life. And I have also been dark, unable to find my light. What’s most important is the honest touch that breaks the trance. And the risk to drop all thought, to close our want, and simply tip our face again in the light.

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