Regarding Peace

Regarding Peace July 5, 2011

It was pressing like a weight on

my mind and I sought his advice.

He appeared as he does in dream.

I said, “It has all concentrated in

a mass of worry I can’t extinguish.”

He seemed impatient with me

and chided, “Drown it out—”

I was offended, felt discounted.

He placed his knowing like a

hand over my mouth, “No.

Drown it—out—” and gestured

to the space around me.

I didn’t get it.

Suddenly, a basin appeared

with a broken log in the bottom

and a waterfall began to fill it.

He came close and whispered,

“Flood your mind with the pace

of creation and the worry will rise

like this log and float away.”

I watched the basin overflow

as the log began to float.

Then he spoke like a bell

in the center of my worry,

“Surround what presses in

with indiscriminant being

and you will drown all

worry out.”

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