Second Sight

Second Sight August 29, 2011

My father’s developing cataracts at 87.

The doctor gave him drops. Now he

swears he doesn’t need glasses. It’s a

second sight that people his age get.

It doesn’t last too long. I want to ask,

“What will you look at with your one

fresh eye?” If only seeing this way would

let him know me. At night, I dream of

something clear and potent to burn the

film I carry. Today, a scuffle between a

homeless man and a clerk at the drug-

store and I sit in my car thinking, “Is it

our wounds—like the one that grips

me now—that hold our lies open

till our weeping lets us see?

"that made me laugh. his own wound ruined his momentff.LAURENS.CLUB\v5963pw"

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