Rethinking Time

Rethinking Time July 23, 2012

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Everyone in life must face and move through time. Feeling how precious life is, we tend to squeeze as much as we can out of the moment. Often, this only makes us more anxious and moves us further from life. This poem came from my own efforts to slow down and relate to time differently.

You can’t hoard moments like coins.

You can only bathe in them.

You can’t trim hours like wood or glass.

You can only enter them.

You can’t add days like a drop of God

to every drink.

You can only immerse yourself

in the river we can’t resist.

Begrudge time and it will turn its back

on you like a dead secret.

But bathe, kiss, enter, bow. Immerse

yourself in the time you have and time

will carry you softly and clearly

through the eye of its needle

into all that is.

A Question to Walk With: Tell the story of a moment of timelessness you came upon and what that felt like. What conditions were present that led you to such timelessness?

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