Being Carried

Being Carried September 4, 2012

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This week’s poem is also about rest, the deeper sense of what we rest in. The way a cup rests in a saucer, how does each soul find the point of rest it fits in? How do we discover the sense of safety and faith in life that allows each of us to find our way with more peace than fear?


The things that happen to us

are trying to have a conversation,

to make us stop or turn around.


The things that matter are waiting

for us to drop down after the first

conversation has relaxed our will.


Then they will shine their light

without warning like a doctor

into the back of our eyes and ask,

“How long have you avoided rest?”


If we answer truthfully, they will

introduce us to beauty who after

a time will make us cry and throw

our judgments into the sea.


A Question to Walk With: How much space do judgments take up in your mind and heart? How much space do beauty and truth take up in your mind and heart? Try putting aside a few of your judgments and see if there’s more space for beauty and truth to touch you?

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