Staying Awake (a video from Sounds True)

Staying Awake (a video from Sounds True) November 19, 2012

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No one can be awake all the time. We sleep and wake and go back to sleep. We’re clear, then confused, then wide-eyed again. We feel safe then nervous, then at peace again. It makes being human a practice of return. This video clip from an interview with Sounds True took place in Colorado during a week of recording my box set of teaching conversations, Staying Awake: The Ordinary Art.

Staying Awake (a video from Sounds True)

Mark Nepo – Staying Awake from Sounds True on Vimeo.

A Question to Walk With: Tell the story of a recent time when you felt very awake to everything around you. What was the circumstance that led to this experience? How long did it last? What has stayed with you from it?

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