Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure December 8, 2014



Life waits irrepressibly under all the clouds that come and go. This happens within us as well as in the world. This poem speaks to our need to be where we are.


Beyond Measure

Having burned dreams to keep warm,

I think of dreams as kindling now.

Having carried loved ones as far as I

could to the other side, I make your

coffee and bring you a tissue, as if

these gestures open us to Heaven.

Because they do.


Having outlasted the noise in my

head and yours, I can at times hear

the breath of life between our



Meeting this way, more than halfway

through, I ask different questions. Not,

Where are you going? But, How did you

come to here? And, Have you opened the

treasure before you? And, If so, can

you teach me?



A Question to Walk With: In conversation with a friend or loved one, share a recent disappointment. And if that disappointment is a cloud within you, what waits beyond it?



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