Nothing Is Separate

Nothing Is Separate February 2, 2015


The great philosopher Abraham Heschel speaks of his fear that we will lose our sense of the Whole. I think this is inevitable, though just as inevitable that will find the Whole again. This poem explores this feeling.


All things are true. The wind through

the Spanish Moss tells me that this has

always been. I must keep my heart open

long enough for all things to mix until

the alchemy of Oneness softens my time

on Earth. If you take my hand when I’m

like this, we will know each other in a

way that will never leave us. Dipping

our face in each other’s heart, as we

would a stream we come upon deep

in the woods—this makes the tribe

strong. Enough to build something

out of nothing. Enough to love

what-is back into just what it is.

A Question to Walk With: Begin to describe your history with experiencing the strength of the Universe beyond your own. Where did you first experience this? How did you first connect or benefit from strength beyond your own?

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