The Rough Beauty

The Rough Beauty June 9, 2015


Those who put down what is false, no matter how dear, are my heroes.


We think what’s familiar is normal,

but whether you’re born under a rock

or on a cliff six inches from heaven,

nothing matters but the effort to shed

the mud or glare of whatever covers you,

so that nothing is between you and life.

Though everything wants to film you

over: dirt, pain, regret, memory, or the

shine of dream and expectation. We

all land the same inch from eternity,

rubbing it like a pebble turned gem

between our fingers.

I think of all this while putting a

band-aid on your thumb that blistered

from gardening a stubborn patch of

earth. I think of this while you touch

the soreness in my heart when

I work too hard at living.

I am uplifted by anyone who dares

to stand naked before the world, to

say, “For all the ways I’ve tried to

change, this is the rough beauty

of what I’ve given to arrive as me.”

A Question to Walk With: In conversation with a friend or loved one, discuss one thing you’ve given to arrive more fully in your life as you truly are.

"As someone about to turn 70, I find this imagery inspiring, comforting, and empowering."

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  • Linda

    We arrive shiny and new…innocent and full of joy. What we learn depends on the teachers in our life…..our parents being our closest and long term and most trusted. We have so many new teachers coming into our lives at this time with thier stories of dealing with so much pain and adversity with surviving all of it with such grace. Thank you Mark Nepo for being the wonderful teacher and beautiful soul that you are.