Catching the Light

Catching the Light July 6, 2015



All the valuable things we can learn from books point to the force of life that can’t be contained in a book. This poem explores this paradox.


Forget the books and the dogma.

Faith is a chance that appears when

on the run. When lost in the tangled

wood, there’s a patch of light and for

a second it seems clear. If you can get

there and open your chest to the sun,

things will be safe again. But as you

run, the light moves and you have

to change course. You stop, out of

breath, and question yourself. But

the light is so strong, you keep run-

ning to be in it. Sometimes, like in

football, you as the receiver are guarded

so close, you just have to put your head

down and run to the spot, with faith

that the gift will appear in your open

hands reaching for the sky. Never doubt

your ability to catch the light. You have

a strength that is never far from those

worn to their goodness. Keep singing

the song under everything, even

when you don’t feel strong.

A Question to Walk With: Tell the story of someone you admire who has been worn to their goodness.

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