In the Sea of Others

In the Sea of Others April 21, 2016



It’s next to impossible to do this

alone. We need the loving truth of

others to be well. Inevitably, some

come with us and are forever changed

while others watch as we’re forced

out to sea. It’s the power of love that

enables those who come along,

where a language of experience

is unearthed that can’t be translated

to those who stay behind.


A Question to Walk With: Tell the story of someone who came along with you in your journey and then tell the story of someone who didn’t


Sounds True recently published a new, expanded edition of Inside the Miracle: Enduring Suffering, Approaching Wholeness, which gathers twenty-eight years of my writing and teaching about suffering, healing, and wholeness, including thirty-nine new poems and prose pieces not yet published. One of the great transforming passages in my life was having cancer in my mid-thirties. This experience unraveled the way I see the world and made me a student of all spiritual paths. With a steadfast belief in our aliveness, I hope what’s in this book will help you meet the transformation that waits in however you’re being forged. In the Sea of Others is an excerpt from the book.

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