Music to Read By

Music to Read By March 5, 2018

When I decide I love you just as you’ve

left town, when you muster the courage

to forgive your father and go to say so

only to find he’s had a stroke, and you

never know what he hears as I never

know where you are, when I hold my

face to the wind and my questions dis-

appear—it’s the music of near misses that

lets me know that my heart is just a reed.


In the realm of things so large and silent

we sometimes think we’re all there is, no-

thing should surprise us. And given enough

time, the dark will tear into light and the

children of enemies will run off to sire a

softer world and the fire of their love

will burn the records of revenge.


Sometimes the clap of a single heart

can change the politics of worth, can

make the thief bow down and plant

what he’s stolen, or let us wounded lovers

sigh, believing for an instant that our

capacity to feel is the blood that stirs time.


Sometimes to speak, not knowing what,

save that it comes from a well older

than all shame, sometimes this sort

of truth can rearrange the stars.


A Question to Walk With: Describe a moment when you encountered a pattern in life that is beyond your own thinking. How did this pattern present itself and how has it affected your understanding of life?

This excerpt is from my book, The Way Under The Way: The Place of True Meeting, 2016 Nautilus Award Winner.


*photo credit: Pixabay

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