In the Milky Ocean

In the Milky Ocean April 2, 2018

As you pour milk on your cereal, I am

grateful for the sound of milk flowing over

dried grain, for the peace that lets us wake

and eat together, to stare at each other in

silence like small animals. I am aware how

safely tumbled through Eternity we are. Not

to be hunted from birth. Or chased into the

forest and forced to part. Or beaten for a

secret some warlord thinks we’re hiding. I

eat my toast and close my eyes. How is it

we’re alive in a place that has running water,

where milk and eggs are plentiful? Atrocities

and wonders flutter through me. They bleed

into each other. I can’t stop it. The milk

tastes good as my twin is somewhere on

the run. It seems impossible to feel so

many fates at once. Impossible not to.


A Question to Walk With: In conversation with a friend or loved one, discuss how you hold the suffering of the world and the blessing of being alive in your daily awareness.

This excerpt is from my new book, Things That Join the Sea and the Sky: Field Notes on Living, published by Sounds True Nov 1, 2017.

*photo credit: Steve Johnson

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