Beauty is Everywhere

Beauty is Everywhere November 19, 2018

The old Asian man is playing one

string so completely that the hymns of

the Universe part the air, making me stop,

unsure where I’m going. He’s surrounded

by dollar bills and petals, each a currency

we can’t do without. It’s giving ourselves

to one small thing that makes beauty come

out of hiding. Like when you led the baby

robin from our garage and it hovered once

free, as if to thank you. Today I feel like

an old string plucked by what endures.

It makes me quiver. The tulips are so

bright. Or is it that I finally see them?



A Question to Walk With: In conversation with a loved one or friend, describe a time when you suddenly became aware of how the things of this life are connected. What detail opened you to this experience of connection?

This excerpt is from my book, The Way Under The Way: The Place of True Meeting, 2016 Nautilus Award Winner.


*Photo credit: Jamal

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