The Immersion

The Immersion June 10, 2019

Now that I am here, I am somewhat ashamed

at my long insistence on there. Now that I am

loved, I am sorry for the hurts I caused in my

want to be loved. Now that I can see, I am

humbled by my desperate attempts to be seen.


Such a long, unforeseen road to simply be

without defining myself by others, for others,

in compliance with or resistance to.


Such an arduous path to breathe in the light

without running from or running to, without

giving myself away, or demanding too much

of those I admire.


Forgive me. Perhaps I can care for you

better in my heart than I did in the world.


A Question to Walk With: Describe one way you have loved in the past and how you would love that person differently now.

This poem is from my book in progress, Unseeable Masters.


*Photo credit: David McEachan

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