Interior Psalm

Interior Psalm August 10, 2020

The wind, skirting the dock, lifts a
veil and I feel a sudden relief. I watch
the endless variations of wave and think,
what will be will be. I have arrived beyond
yes and no. Now the loss of what is familiar
and the fear of what might come are torn.
Now my deeper eyes appear with nothing
between them and the world. The wind
buffs my soul and I slip beneath my name.
A lone duck lands, its bottomless eye conveying
some message beyond words. I call

the duck closer by the mere authenticity
of my being. Now the duck glides toward
me, swimming imperceptibly, its efforts
below unseen on the surface. As it nears,
I admit that I am as alone as that bird,
gliding on a vast and changing sea,
yet at one with the Universe. 


A Question to Walk With: Describe a veil of perception or instruction that has been lifted in you. What led to your parting this veil?

This excerpt is from my book of poems in progress, The Slow Arm of All That Matters.

*Photo Credit: TJ Holowaychuk

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