Wherever We Go

Wherever We Go January 11, 2021

We live between the edge we look out from

and the edge beyond which we can’t see.


What we see as real may expand when

we relax or are illumined and shrink when

we are tense or in pain. But always, an edge

to what we know: out there, in here.


So the real art is: how to listen where we

are blind, how to sense and relate to all

that lives beyond our awareness.


Like a cell in the heart that doesn’t know

it is carried by a body, we float, work hard,

and drift in a sea of life on which we depend.


A Question to Walk With: As the planets orbit the sun, describe the central force around which your life orbits.

This excerpt is from my book of poems in progress, The Song Gives Birth to The Singer.

Photo credit: Colton Duke

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