Everything or Nothing

Everything or Nothing November 29, 2021

Every life within every generation must struggle between the appearance of nothing and the appearance of everything. When hurt and unable to explain pain and loss, we are tempted to make a god of nothing, banishing all that is connective about light. Similarly, when touched by kindness and lifted by inexplicable grace, we are tempted to make a god of everything, wanting to exile the genuine difficulties of being alive. But the tides of life are always replete with both everything and nothing, as they mix within us and around us. For the Unitive Mystery of Life authors, braids, and sustains both in its indestructible tapestry. And so, we have to accept, honor, and learn from both. But while I am willing to prepare for a world of unpredictable circumstance, I am not willing to prepare for a world without miracle. Though I can’t explain why, I believe that the pains of living and the ease of being are threads in the fabric of life-force that weave the endless aspects of existence into our soul.

A Question to Walk With: Describe your own history of experiencing the appearance of nothing and the appearance of everything. Toward which are more closely living currently?

This excerpt is from my book in progress, No Greater Teacher than the Heart.

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