Cascade April 11, 2022

As soon as we can walk, we are

taught to run. In time, we think

we have to catch something out

of reach, when, if we let go, time

carries us the way a river carries a

boat with no oars. If we find our

place on the bottom, the noise stops

and time holds us in its soft cascade.

So jump into the current of time.

Sure, we will get wet. But that’s the

point. Important papers will dry and

seem less important. And the secret

maps no longer secret will free us

from ourselves. I once saw an old

woman leave her belongings on

the shore and wade in naked. I

feared she might be taking her

life. But she was finally giving

herself over to joy.


A Question to Walk With: Describe a race you need to stop running. How can you begin to stop?

This is from my book of poems In progress, The Tone in the Center of the Bell.


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