Stacks of Wheat

Stacks of Wheat May 9, 2022

So many thought Monet

was making it up,

imagining wildly

how things might be

if God held them closer.


But what he did

was much braver.

Like a human microscope

he kept looking and looking

as warmth left the trees

as waves remade the sea

as loss slowed into peace

undoing hard men.


He watched

strange flowers open

where only silence had been.


He focused so far in

that everything shimmered.

He proved by the strength

of his attention that

nothing can keep

light out.


It’s a small leap

to say that love

works this way—

a light that lives in the bones,

just waiting to be seen.


So why not

prop your heart

out in the open

like the easel that it is

and dab its blood

on everything.

A Question to Walk With: Describe something you finally saw with your heart. How is this different than seeing with your mind? Now that you’ve seen with your heart, where does what you’ve seen live in you?

This is from my book, Drinking from the River of Light.


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