The Life After Tears

The Life After Tears June 20, 2022

In the life before tears,

there are endless plans

and we avoid the difficult

feelings at all cost, as if grief,

pain, and loss are canyons

we’ll never climb out of.


But, then, one day, while

not looking, someone dear

dies, or a dream breaks like

a plate, and our world, as

we’ve known it, is blown



Then, we discover that

falling in the canyon is

our initiation, and

the river at the bottom

is the only water that

will keep us alive.


I wish it were different.

But the reward for being

hollowed out is that the

song then sings us.


A Question to Walk With: Describe a loss that has ushered you into the life after tears. How are you different for experiencing this loss? What does life on the other side of this loss feel like and what has loss taught you?

This is from my book of poems in progress, A Thousand Dawns.



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