Under the Veil

Under the Veil November 7, 2022

The days can blur in their

cascade of tasks till a pin

of light or a grip of pain

punctures the relentless

noise. Then, the glow

under the veil comes

through and I remember

that I am alive. And in the

tremble of tenderness that

makes me open like a rose,

words like these gratefully

fail. All I can do is stop

you from whatever you

are cleaning or fixing to

tell you that life is worth

all the heartache. You ask

if I’m alright. I nod and

kiss your hand and you go

out to fill the birdfeeders.

A Question to Walk With: Describe the veil of ordinary life and how it can keep you from what matters. How do you part this veil when you become aware of it?

This is from my book of poems, Elsewhere.

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