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Inklings article archive January 1, 2005

As you can imagine, C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings often come up in discussions of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, so check the links at that archive too.

General and related articles:

‘C.S. Lewis chose Joy — and suffering,’ BC Christian News, Apr 1999

‘Jakob’s lies contain some truth,’ BC Christian News, Oct 1999
‘C.S. Lewis Company authorizes new Narnia books,’, Apr 2001
‘Will HarperCollins censor Narnia, or merely downplay its Christian elements?,’, Jun 2001
‘Is Harry Potter a menace to our children’s souls?,’ BC Christian News, Jul 2001
‘Fantasies and fairy tales speak to our spiritual needs,’ BC Christian News, Dec 2001
‘Clever Dark Materials anti-Christian,’ BC Christian News, Nov 2002
‘Comment: The paganism of Narnia,’ BC Christian News, Nov 2005
‘Schmaltz sells,’ Georgia Straight, Dec 2005

Books and films:

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit (book, dvd)
News: BC Christian News, Feb 2008; Christianity Today, May 2008

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring (book, 1978 dvd, 2001 dvd, 2002 dvd)
News: BC Christian News, Oct 1998; BC Christian News, Mar 2002
Review: BC Christian News, Dec 2001

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers (book, 2002 dvd, 2003 dvd)
Reviews: Vancouver Courier, Dec 2002; BC Christian News, Dec 2002

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King (book, 1980 dvd, 2003 dvd, 2004 dvd)
Review: BC Christian News, Dec 2003

C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (book, 1979 vhs, 1988 dvd, 2005 dvd, 2006 dvd)
News: BC Christian News, Jan 2004;, Mar 2004; ChristianCurrent, Nov 2005
Reviews: Christianity Today, Nov 2005;, Dec 2005; ChristianWeek, Dec 2005; BC Christian News, Jan 2006

C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian (book, 1989 dvd, 2008 dvd)
News: Christianity Today, Jun 2008
Reviews: Christianity Today, May 2008; BC Christian News, Jun 2008; BC Christian News, Dec 2008

Related blog posts:

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DVD re-issues — here we go again!,’ Jul 2005
Wilberforce coming to the big screen?,’ Jul 2005
The mouth of Aslan: Neeson? Crowe?,’ Jul 2005
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The earlier works of a Narnia screenwriter,’ Aug 2005
Girl power in Narnia!,’ Aug 2005
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The other Narnia screenwriters,’ Aug 2005
Cashing in on Aslan’s evangelism potential,’ Aug 2005
Newsbites: Narnia reviews! Clones! Tree of Life!,’ Sep 2005
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Fellowship — the extended soundtrack album!,’ Sep 2005
Narnia soundtrack strategy backfiring?,’ Oct 2005
Howard replaces Howard on King Kong!,’ Oct 2005
Children’s stories and fat children,’ Oct 2005
New Narnia trailer now online,’ Oct 2005
Mr. Tumnus, stuck in the middle with Mr. Blonde,’ Oct 2005
“C.S. Lewis” — not a person, but a brand,’ Oct 2005
The Exorcism of Narnia,’ Oct 2005
“Great film, [but] there’s nothing Christian about it”,’ Nov 2005
Newsbites: Silence! Marketing Narnia! Pope!,’ Nov 2005
Is the new Narnia clip underwhelming?,’ Nov 2005
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Nine minutes of Narnia now online!,’ Nov 2005
Narnia videos — the article’s up!,’ Nov 2005
Another eight minutes of radio fame,’ Nov 2005
Narnia the flamethrower — the kids love this one!”,’ Dec 2005
C.S. Lewis and … Enid Blyton?,’ Dec 2005
Parents, children, and other generations,’ Dec 2005
CBC guest appearance — heads up!,’ Dec 2005
The Chronicles of Narnia — the review’s up!,’ Dec 2005
I take one last dig at Narnia,’ Dec 2005
Is the Narnia movie empowering, or not?,’ Dec 2005
Newsbites: Munich! Watchmen! Food!,’ Dec 2005
Fun with Dick and Jane — the review’s up!,’ Dec 2005
Newsbites: Helvetica, my donkey!,’ Jan 2006
Hostel takes down the Lion and the Ape,’ Jan 2006
Oscar nominations — my own two bits,’ Jan 2006
“They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard!”,’ Jan 2006
China segregates ‘toons from real people,’ Feb 2006
Newsbites: Narnia! Instinct! Brokeback!,’ Apr 2006
Sowing seeds of doubt in a Narnia fan’s mind,’ Apr 2006
Congratulations to Pacific Theatre!,’ May 2006
‘His Dark Materials’ gets a release date,’ Jun 2006
Lord of the Rings makes a third trip to DVD,’ Jun 2006
Narnia movie expanded to four discs,’ Jul 2006
R ratings for “non-historical” smoking scenes!,’ Jul 2006
Has a movie ever had 3 bonus discs before?,’ Jul 2006
Prince Caspian — is it going to suck?,’ Jul 2006
Catholic Kidman to star in anti-Catholic fantasy,’ Jul 2006
MGM announces The Hobbit, T4, etc.,’ Sep 2006
Peter Jackson options dragon tale (not Hobbit),’ Sep 2006
Peter Jackson would love to ruin The Hobbit,’ Sep 2006
Lewis, Tolkien, Williams — superheroes!,’ Sep 2006
Hell — a place of cubicles and office politics,’ Oct 2006
Six degrees of C.S. Lewis and Ayn Rand?,’ Oct 2006
New info on the two Hobbit movies,’ Nov 2006
Peter Jackson will not direct The Hobbit.,’ Nov 2006
Yet another set of LOTR bonus features?,’ Nov 2006
Jackson will “definitely” direct Hobbit: Zaentz,’ Nov 2006
Watch and weep, Lewis fans. Or, better, don’t.,’ Nov 2006
Gandalf could have made Connery a fortune,’ Nov 2006
Narnia spoof features “wise-but-horny lion”,’ Dec 2006
Newsbites: Depp! Crusade! Del Toro! Grace!,’ Dec 2006
Del Toro, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Narnia redux,’ Dec 2006
New Line Cinema blacklists Peter Jackson,’ Jan 2007
And now, a look back at happier times.,’ Jan 2007
The Screwtape Letters — the movie!,’ Jan 2007
Prince Caspian — now twice as old!,’ Feb 2007
Canadian theatre attendance dropping…,’ Feb 2007
CanWest News Service needs a fact-checker.,’ Feb 2007
Newsbites: Camp! Hobbit! Piracy! TenNapel!,’ Feb 2007
Warwick Davis returns to Prince Caspian,’ Feb 2007
Newsbites: Winter! Howard! Jihadists! Opus!,’ Feb 2007
The Hobbit — no script, coming soon anyway?,’ Feb 2007
Are any more C.S. Lewis movies in the works?,’ Feb 2007
Newsbites: Rice! Reaping! Salomaybe! Samson!,’ Mar 2007
Apted to direct Voyage of the Dawn Treader?,’ Apr 2007
“How we plan to revise Prince Caspian.”,’ May 2007
“How The Lord of the Rings should have ended.”,’ May 2007
The Ring of Power becomes the Alethiometer,’ May 2007
Newsbites: Living! Robot! Treader! Dollar!,’ Jun 2007
The Arcanum battles demons in 1919,’ Jun 2007
You think hobbits are from England?,’ Jun 2007
Prince Caspian: “Battles all the way through.”,’ Jun 2007
Newsbites: Monstrous! Pope Joan! Caspian!,’ Jul 2007
One Narnia movie every year until 2013?,’ Jul 2007
Will Peter Jackson direct The Hobbit after all?,’ Aug 2007
Prince Caspian — the teaser poster,’ Sep 2007
So much for one Narnia movie per year.,’ Sep 2007
Will the Rings wizards re-unite in Compass?,’ Oct 2007
Speaking of Walden and the Narnia movies …,’ Oct 2007
A glimpse into the Prince Caspian movie.,’ Oct 2007
All fantasy films lead to Star Wars.,’ Nov 2007
Newsbites: Watchmen! Trek! Jesus! Astrology!,’ Nov 2007
stop. look at city. pronounce. caution. carry on.,’ Dec 2007
Eddie Izzard to voice Reepicheep?,’ Dec 2007
Peter Jackson isn’t the only one suing New Line.,’ Dec 2007
Peter Jackson to produce The Hobbit!,’ Dec 2007
Newsbites: Del Toro! Mary! Rambo! Childhood!,’ Jan 2008
Guillermo Del Toro to direct The Hobbit,’ Jan 2008
New Line Cinema — gasping its last breath?,’ Feb 2008
New difficulties for New Line and The Hobbit,’ Feb 2008
Six degrees of Julie Christie and C.S. Lewis,’ Feb 2008
Newsbites: Oscars! Trek! Caspian! Antichrist! Bond! Justice! Driving! Xiao’er! Ghoulishly! etc.!,’ Feb 2008
The Hobbit is safe, for now.,’ Feb 2008
Is Disney getting nervous about Prince Caspian?,’ Mar 2008
Newsbites: Billy! City! Caspian! Blue! Passion! W! Messiah! Tropic! Circuit! etc.!,’ Apr 2008
Newsbites: Silent! Errol! Disney! W! Caspian! Satire!,’ Apr 2008
Newsbites: Shrinking! Cancelled! C-10! Credits! Code! Amish! Lust! Eowyn!,’ Apr 2008
Newsbites: Heretic! Lifeboat! Narnia! Indiana! Bill! Rapture! Docs! Connor! Superman! Fantasia! etc.!,’ Apr 2008
Newsbites: Hobbit! Demons! Superman! Expelled! Verhoeven! Racer! Stakeout! Silents!,’ Apr 2008
The Hobbit — the anticipation begins,’ Apr 2008
Newsbites: Gilly! Hobbit! Mel! Cinerama! City! Racism! Expelled! Charlie! Superman! etc.!,’ Apr 2008
Susan and Caspian, sitting in a tree …,’ May 2008
Newsbites: Knights! Terminator! Caspian! Mission!,’ May 2008
Newsbites: Religulous! Lincoln! Treader!,’ May 2008
Nylons and lipsticks and invitations, oh my!,’ May 2008
The Greek gods go, the warrior women stay.,’ May 2008
Newsbites: The sequels and remakes edition!,’ May 2008
Hobbit news — the article’s up!,’ May 2008

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