The Bible Collection comes to DVD

The Bible Collection comes to DVD March 21, 2005

I happen to have a soft spot for Bible movies, so I am glad to discover today that some of the better entries in ‘The Bible Collection’, a series of TV-movies produced between 1994 and 2002, will be coming out on DVD in a couple months.

Because the series’ producers struck different production and distribution deals for different films in that series, part of the series is actually already on DVD — Trimark released a boxed set a few years ago that includes Genesis: Creation and the Flood, Solomon, Jeremiah and Esther (my review), and individual DVDs are also available for Jesus (my review), Paul the Apostle (my review) and The Apocalypse (my review).

But the best entries in this series were among the six films distributed by Warner Home Video — and after years of languishing on VHS, these films are finally being released on DVD. has Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Moses all slated for a June 7 release; I am especially eager to save shelf space and replace my bulky two-tape sets with digital copies of the latter two, which both co-star Ben Kingsley and are among the better dramatic interpretations of these familiar Old Testament stories that I have seen.

Alas, has no listings for Samson and Delilah or David, at least not yet — not that these were particularly great films, but still, y’know, I’m a completist.

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  • Matt Page

    S’funny – most of these have been available on DVD for a while now (at least through ebay) including the odd four (Mary Magdalene, Joseph, Thomas and Judas). I’ve got the Moses DVD, which i need to see again really. I stillhaven’t seen a numbe of these yet, I’m especially keen for the Abraham and genesis ones, though as you note less ken for the Samson and delilah one. The Bible Collectoinhas often done a good job and highlighted several episodes that Hollywood ignored, but for some reason this doesn’t sound like it will do it.

  • Matt — I know the four spin-off films were released on DVD in Region 1 not too long ago, but I remember looking for the others and not finding them; is it possible you’re thinking of Region 2 copies?

    Personally, I would like to have both the American and European versions of Jesus on DVD. And I believe some scenes were edited from the version of Nicolas Roeg’s Samson and Delilah that was released on VHS here — so I wouldn’t mind getting an uncut version of that, too.

  • Matt Page

    Oh sorry yeah I think they’re region 2

  • I’ve got quite a few of these now and reviewed a few over at my (Bible Films) blog – Jesus , Abraham , Moses Part 1 & Moses Part 2, and David (1997)