Terry Taylor scores another TV show

Terry Taylor scores another TV show June 16, 2005

I have been a fan of Terry Scott Taylor ever since I won Vox Humana, an LP by his band Daniel Amos, through a radio station’s trivia contest 20 years ago. Since then he has also fronted the Swirling Eddies and has been the most prolific composer for Lost Dogs.

In the meantime, he has also written the music for a number of projects overseen by animator Douglas TenNapel, beginning with the CD-ROM game The Neverhood (1996), and continuing with TV shows like Project G.e.e.K.e.R. (1996) and other games like Skullmonkeys (1997) and BoomBots (1999). The music for many of these collaborations is available on a recently-expanded two-disc set called Imaginarium, pictured here.

Now they’re at it again. The animated series Catscratch premieres July 9 on Nickelodeon, and you can see a preview of it here.

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