Narnia videos — the article’s up!

Narnia videos — the article’s up! November 29, 2005

My article on the 1979 and 1988 adaptations of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for television is now up at CT Movies.

Incidentally, one of the more interesting bits has been trimmed out of there. The part where I quote my friend and colleague Steven D. Greydanus to the effect that a line in the 1988 version is “rank heresy” is still there; but the part where I reply that the line in question might not be so bad, because it gets us to think about how Jesus himself had to make a “leap of faith” when he went to the cross, has been cut. So, now that paragraph ends with me quoting someone else’s opinion, instead of offering one of my own.

Granted, Aslan is not exactly the incarnate Christ, who has two natures and thus two wills, one human and one divine. So, on one level, Aslan may be more of an avatar than an incarnation. But still, I like pondering the mysterious relationship between the two natures of Christ, and it seems to me that Christians often prefer to ponder just the one nature. (That’s no slur against my editors, BTW; I recognize that they have a readership to deal with.)

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