Rent: the review is in the mail…

Rent: the review is in the mail… November 17, 2005

Just got home from seeing the film version of Jonathan Larson’s musical Rent. It isn’t kosher to review films before the date of release, so I won’t comment on the movie itself just yet. But for what it’s worth, I reviewed the live theatrical version for BC Christian News seven years ago, and I hadn’t seen, heard or thought about it at all since then — so it was interesting how, at a couple points in the film, the characters would sing a line that made me think, “Oh, yeah, I remember quoting that one…”

NOV 18 UPDATE: Oh, one irony about last night’s screening just occurred to me. Before the movie, I bumped into a couple that I used to hang out with a fair bit when I attended another church some 10 to 15 years ago, not too long before I saw that stage version of Rent; today, he’s a pastor at one of those churches that meets in a movie theatre. And then, after the movie, I bumped into an editor that I’ve only just started writing for, and we talked about my in-progress first assignment for her. The characters in this musical keep singing lines like, “There is no future, there is no past,” but I seemed to run into both of those things last night!

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