CBC guest appearance — heads up!

CBC guest appearance — heads up! December 8, 2005

It looks like I’m going to be one of the interviewees on CBC Radio’s The Current tomorrow morning, talking about — what else? — The Chronicles of Narnia. Due to the differences between our time zones, I have to be at the studio by 4:45 in the morning. Yikes. Thank goodness I live only 20 minutes’ walk away.

DEC 9 UPDATE: Click here for a link to a RealAudio file.

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  • Have fun Peter! Is it possible to get espresso that early?

  • Alas, I don’t drink coffee.

  • Sissy.

  • hey! not drinking coffee is good! (so says i who has never had any)… hope it goes great! sounds fun, even though you will be getting up super early…

  • OOOh the current!
    Say hi to Anna Maria Tremonte! And if you see Shelagh from Sounds Like Canada say hi to her too.
    Yes I am a CBC groupie.
    Do us proud, Peter! Enjoy. I will listen avidly…does D have a radio???

  • Who needs coffee when there’s Anna Maria Tremonte?!

  • Elizabeth, you need to try some coffee. Find some old Italian man and get him to make you some espresso.

    Interestingly, I hear the Finns drink the most coffee, per capita, worldwide. Second is Sweden.

  • Pete is it CBC local or CBC national? AM? FM? Do tell…

  • Aw crap… I just realised it already happened and I missed it. And I was up too with the time change.
    Pete, don’t enter the nefarious world of coffee. You don’t need it. Me, I like the stuff and I’d drink decaf just to enjoy it (but of course I don’t). Ok, I’d like to think I would…truth is it doesn’t even effect me much anymore. Sad really. I do love the flavour tho…a bit of a bean snob t otell you the truth. Some people know their wines…I know my beans. It’s funny – Jay who never drinks the stuff will have some as a last resort to to be awake (a few times a year as he doesn’t like it)…man…it’s like a pinball game to watch him run about til the caffeine wears off. Reminds me to cut back. Reminds him to remind *me* to cut back.

  • A pinball game? Sounds like fun!

    Kim, your “Do us proud” was ringing in my ears every time I cleared my throat. I am unworthy to appear on the radio with all the other clear-voiced people. I have brought shame to our community.

  • Peter,
    I listened to every bit of it…throat clearing included…and you did a fine job! You had quite a different opinion than the others and you sounded your own man…not a follower. And don’t worry–it wasn’t even Anna Maria!!! Is that other guy really a muslim? He sounded a pretty liberal muslim–I guess that exists? We are taking the kids tonight…we will see what they think. Elijah tends to be a bit of a stickler for a true telling, so I am sure we will have to have a debriefing afterwards; we are still dealing with the aftermath of The Lord of the Rings!

  • Is that other guy really a muslim?

    Yup, his name is Feyoun Khan and he’s the managing editor of a Muslim community paper called Al-Ameen; I would link to it if I could find a web presence for it, but at the moment, I can’t.

    I think it’s amusing that the Muslim was a bigger fan of the movie than I, the Christian, was; and I got the impression that the CBC people had expected something a little different — or, rather, opposite — when they approached us.

    I thought it was particularly bizarre how the host asked Mr Khan about the “political” implications of the movie and the epic battle between good and evil depicted therein — and at a point so early in the interview that he hadn’t even asked me any questions yet!

    I wanted to come back to that later in the show, and make the point that, as a child, I always understood the real battle between good and evil to be taking place within the children themselves, especially within Edmund; as a child, I was always aware that Edmund’s sins were not unlike my own, but I was also aware that I could be redeemed just as Edmund was. Alas, by the time that point had occurred to me, the host was taking us off on other interesting tangents.

    Plus, when I spoke to Mr Khan on our way out of the building, I asked him if he did other radio appearances, and he said, “Yeah, usually when there’s something political going on.” I said, “Ah, so you were hoping you could forget about politics and just talk about religion for once — and then they sprung that political question on you?” He gave me a resigned grin in reply.

  • “Interestingly, I hear the Finns drink the most coffee, per capita, worldwide. Second is Sweden.”

    They average between 8-10 cups a day. To refuse a cup of “kaffi” is insulting in Finland. So I have read and been told by Finns.
    BTW, I need coffee to sit through Anna Maria Tremonte. I love the CBC, but man sometimes…

  • -B

    Would love to listen to your comments, but I usually listen through “Window’s Media Player.” Is there another possible way to listen? Thanks.