Happy birthday to me (or, rather, my blog)

Happy birthday to me (or, rather, my blog) March 16, 2006

Bring out the candles and the cupcakes! It was one year ago today that I started this blog. And what an interesting year it has been.

I somehow managed to post seven messages on my very first day, a feat I don’t think I have repeated since; click here for the last of them, and check out the others under “Previous Posts”.

I got a SiteMeter button in mid-April, when this blog was about a month old, and it’s been interesting to chart the number of visits over the past year. After some fluctuation in the summer, the hits steadily increased until there were nearly 7,500 visits in January. The numbers took a dive in February, though — presumably at least partly because my blogging declined following the birth of my kids. Or maybe it’s partly because a lot of movies suck at this time of year and people feel less of a need to read up on them.

At any rate, I’m glad y’all are here. Here’s to another year!

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