Notice what’s missing from this picture?

Notice what’s missing from this picture? September 13, 2006

I haven’t decided yet whether to get those new DVDs with the original versions of the original Star Wars trilogy — but someone named Travis B. just posted some interesting, and very disgruntled, comments about the video quality here.

FWIW, the reviews here, here, and here also conclude that the new DVDs are “a worthwhile purchase only for folks who love the movies unconditionally, do not own previous versions of the films on DVD, or worry as much about home-theater presentation (and in fact would be hard-pressed to discern between the two editions on a small, non-widescreen television).”

To be honest, I am not sure how “unconditionally” I love these movies. I have the 2004 editions on DVD already, but I do count The Empire Strikes Back (1980) among my all-time top ten, and I cannot trust George Lucas to make these versions of the films available again in the near future, and I do want my own children to experience the films the way that I did all those decades ago — all of which incline me to think that I should pick up the discs.

But … but … I dunno, money is tight? There are other discs I want to pick up between now and Christmas? And just how noticeably subpar is the video quality on these laserdiscs — er, DVDs?

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