Yet another movie about Jesus and genetics

Yet another movie about Jesus and genetics October 4, 2006

Why bother looking for descendants of Jesus when you can just clone the real thing? Variety reports:

In his first departure from the horror genre, “The Hills Have Eyes” helmer Alexandre Aja is attached to direct an English-lingo bigscreen adaptation of the Gallic bestseller “The Gospel According to Jimmy.”

Rights to the book by Goncourt winner Didier Van Cauwalaert were acquired recently by Alexandre Films, the Gallic production company of Aja’s helmer/producer father Alexandre Arcady. . . .

Set in the near future, “Jimmy” tells the story of a pool cleaner in L.A. who finds out that he’s a clone of Jesus, made from DNA taken from the Turin shroud.

“It’s a wonderful satirical comedy about America today and the rise of Christian fundamentalism,” Aja said on Wednesday, pitching the tale as “a cross between ‘Dr Strangelove,’ ‘Walk the Dog’ and ‘The Truman Show’.” . . .

The idea of cloning Jesus from the DNA in the bloodstains on the Shroud of Turin might be new to the big screen, but science-fiction writers have explored it before, for example in J.R. Lankford’s The Jesus Thief and James BeauSeigneur’s Christ Clone Trilogy; in Peter Senese and Robert J. Geis’s Cloning Christ, the blood and its DNA are taken from the newly rediscovered True Cross.

In addition, at least one real-life sindonologist (that’s a fancy term for “shroud expert”) has written an entire book on the DNA to be found in the blood remnants on the Shroud — though other, more skeptical experts have said the bloodstains on the Shroud are nothing but paint. Hmmm, let’s see someone try to clone that!

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