Bobby — the review’s up!

Bobby — the review’s up! November 22, 2006

My review of Emilio Estevez’s Bobby is now up at CT Movies.

Since I mention Roger Donaldson’s Thirteen Days (2000), here’s a link to my review of that film for the Vancouver Courier.

One thing I don’t get into in my review of Bobby is the recurring “reunion” aspect of it. Martin Sheen and Laurence Fishburne — together again for the first time since Apocalypse Now (1979)! (Though I don’t think they share any screen time — and, okay, they were in one or two other things in-between. But still.) William H. Macy and Heather Graham — together again for the first time since Boogie Nights (1997)! Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore — together again for the first time since Wisdom (1986)! (And of course, they were actually engaged back in the mid-’80s — so how interesting to see them play a squabbling married couple here, and to see Moore’s current husband Ashton Kutcher in a small role.) Plus, of course, the film stars Anthony Hopkins, who has played Nixon, and Sheen, who has played both JFK and RFK, in addition to other roles that took him into the Oval Office. Yes, I find this sort of thing distracting, when watching films like this. But in a fun way.

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