Christian actors and nude scenes, etc.

Christian actors and nude scenes, etc. March 16, 2007

Eight years ago, around the time American Pie and the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair came out, I wrote an article on the subject of Christian actors doing nude scenes and/or love scenes.

I wanted very badly to find a local actor who was both Christian and willing to discuss the subject, and in the end I found one — but ever since, I have kept my eyes open for other actors who might fit the bill. And so far, I think I may have found a couple.

Gina Chiarelli, who won one of her Jessie Awards for her work with Pacific Theatre, went on to star in Noroc (1999), an independent film in which she had a brief nude scene, and in See Grace Fly (2003), which she had a hand in writing — although the sex scene in that particular film takes place between two other actors.

Then, a few weeks ago, Vancouver Sun columnist Malcolm Parry added one more name to the list:

JODY THOMPSON, the city-based screen actress, made her directorial debut with Will Of The Wisp, which was screened for cast, crew and friends at the Vancity Theatre recently.

Reflecting childhood sexual assault, the 10-minute picture was beautifully shot by Bruce Marchfelder, hardly surprising since the cinematographer has pillow privileges as Thompson’s husband. At a premiere party for his CBC movie, Casanova at Fifty, in 2002, Marchfelder summed up his bride’s thespian activities: “Most of the parts she gets, she has to take her clothes off.”

That pertains even when Thompson takes the megaphone herself. Her misty-meadow appearance beside a black stallion to end Will Of The Wisp could be titled Buffy The Scene Stealer.

Bruce Marchfelder has a pretty high profile among Christians who work in the Vancouver film industry; check the interview that a colleague of mine did with him here. If memory serves, he might even have moderated a panel at Regent College that I was on, along with Scott Derrickson and a few other people, back in 2003.

Incidentally, I am aware that all three of the actors I have mentioned or linked to in this post are women. I would be quite happy to make note of any Christian male actors in the Vancouver area who have done or are willing to do scenes of this sort, too.

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