The bones of Jesus in fiction and film

The bones of Jesus in fiction and film March 2, 2007

In all the news stories and blog posts that I have seen this week on James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici‘s documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus, I don’t believe I have yet seen anyone make a reference to Jonas McCord’s The Body (2001), which starred Antonio Banderas as a priest who investigates the possibility that a recently discovered skeleton may be the bones of Christ.

Then again, considering almost nobody saw that film, and the few who did didn’t care for it, perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised.

I wonder if any other films have explored this story premise. I do know that Paul L. Maier wrote a novel several years ago called A Skeleton in God’s Closet, and I have heard that movie studios expressed interest in it, but it’s not a movie yet.

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