The next comic-book movie — about Lucifer?

The next comic-book movie — about Lucifer? March 27, 2007 reports that various movie studios, emboldened by the success of 300, are vying for the film rights to another graphic novel about an ancient battle of epic, even mythical, proportions, by the name of War in Heaven — which, alas, seems to have no connection to the Charles Williams novel of that name:

Trac 2 Media, is developing a feature film adaptation of the forthcoming comic book series “War in Heaven.” The project has been dubbed “the next 300.” The comic book series, created by producer Jeff Krelitz, is scheduled to be co-written by screenwriter Craig Fernandez, fresh off adapting Arthur C. Clarke’s Time’s Eye for Sci-Fi Channel and comic book legend Keith Giffen. Ex Machina co-creator and Eisner award winning artist Tony Harris is drawing the book.

Talk of the town is that several major comic book publishers, one being D.C. Comics, along with several studios were vying for the rights to “WAR IN HEAVEN” this past weekend.

The details of the story are guarded, but we know that War in Heaven centers on a Braveheart-like storyline that ultimately follows Lucifer as he leads a rebellion in Heaven. Battle sequences shows legions of Angels, including Gabriel and Michael, battling with their brother Lucifer and his army of fallen Angels.

Sounds interesting. But wait — wouldn’t this movie be essentially competing with Scott Derrickson’s Paradise Lost?

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