Shia LaBeouf is in Indiana Jones IV!

Shia LaBeouf is in Indiana Jones IV! April 13, 2007

Remember how Shia LaBeouf denied the rumour that he would be starring in Indiana Jones IV? Looks like he can un-deny the rumours now. Check for details.

No word yet on who he will be playing, though. Indy’s son? Indy’s nephew? Short Round’s adopted cousin? Who knows.

Or maybe, since they’ve been having trouble getting Sean Connery to come back, LaBeouf could play Indy’s dad! Tee hee.

And, hmmmm, is it just a coincidence that they’re announcing this on the same day that the Spielberg-connected, LaBeouf-starring, and satisfyingly suspenseful Disturbia comes out? Naaaah.

UPDATE: Apparently USA Today got the scoop late last night — and LaBeouf told them he hasn’t even read the script yet!

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  • Disturbia looks to be the modern adolescent version of the classic Hitchcockian Rear Window.

  • Ryan–YES! That’s EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw the trailer! same general premise: stuck in a house, can’t leave the house, nothing better to do that peep in other people’s windows, window-peeping leads to witnessing a crime, and now no one believes the peeper’s claim that a crime ahs taken place EXCEPT FOR the criminal who must now silence the peeper.

  • “Apparently USA Today got the scoop late last night — and LaBeouf told them he hasn’t even read the script yet!”

    Not read the script???? Wow! Talk about blindly trusting that a script will be good. I suppose if it’s a Spielberg work it probably will be. But the idea that ANYONE would not bother to read the script before making a judgement on a film project kinda hurts the scriptwriter inside of me.

  • There’s definitely a Rear Window (1954) vibe to the movie — but in places it gets closer to Psycho (1960).

    I would actually be very, very interested in reading a Freudian interpretation of this film; in The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (2006), Slavoj Zizek talks about how the three floors of Norman Bates’s house represent the id, the ego, and the superego, and there are elements in Disturbia that got me thinking about that.

    It could also be fun to explore what the film has to say about “the male gaze” and how the privileges of the male gazer are seemingly revoked or jeapordized once the female gazes back. There are a few scenes of that sort which reminded me of an essay I read in film school, which interpreted Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights (1931) from a Freudian point of view — that’s the film with the blind flower girl.

    I’m not big on Freud myself, mind. But sometimes it’s fun to watch people connect those dots.

  • I would think that if Harrison Ford signed on….the script is probably good. I have heard that he was holding out for the script to be right….whatever that means. I am not a journalist, or in the movie industry other than the fact that I spend hundreds of dollars a year on movie tickets, dvd’s, rentals, and cable…wait, maybe I might be some sort of expert! 🙂 I am a movie junkie.

    I love your blog….