Adam and Eve break up, move to New York

Adam and Eve break up, move to New York June 3, 2007

As Legendary Pictures continues to develop its adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost — which depicts the creation of Adam and Eve and their subsequent fall and expulsion from the Garden of Eden — another studio is asking itself, “Hmmm, what if Adam and Eve were to walk among us today?” Reports Variety:

Disney has made a preemptive six-figure purchase of “All About Adam,” a spec script by Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons. Scott Rudin will produce the project.

Spec follows the biblical Adam as he trails Eve to modern-day Gotham after they have a lover’s quarrel. Adam discovers Satan was behind the breakup.

I fully expect this movie to make a really bad pun about “the Big Apple” — not least because the title indicates that these filmmakers like to play on words and common phrases. (The title alludes to All About Eve (1950), the classic Bette Davis flick which set the record for most Oscar nominations ever for a single movie, and which had nothing to do with the biblical characters.)

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