Yet another film not screened for critics?

Yet another film not screened for critics? August 16, 2007

Lou Lumenick at the New York Post reports that The Last Legion, the latest flick to draw a link between actual Roman history and Arthurian legend, “is not being screened in advance for critics“. But while that might be true in New York, it is not true here; I saw the film at a press screening in Vancouver last Friday, and my review will appear at CT Movies tomorrow. The Weinstein Co. is one of the film’s distributors, and I am reminded me of how at least one other film of theirs — Doogal, AKA The Magic Roundabout (2005) — was screened for the press in Canada but not in the United States. Weinstein films are distributed by Alliance-Atlantis in Canada; perhaps the two companies have different policies, at least where European acquisitions like these are concerned.

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