The Final Inquiry — release date update

The Final Inquiry — release date update October 10, 2007

CT Movies has a new article on the state of things at Fox Faith, and near the end, it mentions that The Final Inquiry — which was simply The Inquiry when it premiered at an Italian film festival in late 2006, and was slated for an April 2007 release in the United States at one point — will now come to theatres in January 2008 and then to video by the following Easter. FWIW, I also spoke to someone recently who told me that the film has been re-cut; I don’t know what sorts of edits were made, but my hunch is the Dolph Lundgren fight scenes may have been a little much for some people. (And to judge by the poster shown here, it seems the film has yet another title in Spain, which I believe translates as In Search of the Tomb of Christ — but I don’t believe the location of the tomb is ever in question in this film; it is the location of the body that puzzles the Roman investigator.)

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