Yet another Noah’s Ark cartoon!?

Yet another Noah’s Ark cartoon!? October 25, 2007

Unbelievable. As if the market was not already glutted with Noah’s Ark cartoons, we now have Rock the Boat. Reports Variety:

Gaumont is getting into 3-D animation with the $35 million feature “Rock the Boat,” a two-minute clip of which will preem at next week’s American Film Market.

The Gallic major is bidding to secure a U.S. deal before casting English language thesps to voice the film early next year.

Tale, being pitched as “Some Like it Hot” set on Noah’s Ark, is about a cheetah and a porcupine forced to disguise themselves as other creatures to qualify for a place on the Ark.

Gaumont’s Franck Chorot is producing, with Fabien Suarez and Andre Bessy, first-time helmers, co-directing from an original script by Suarez.

The entirely French-made film has been in production for the past 10 months and is slated for delivery by September 2009, ahead of a Christmas release in France. The French f/x company MacGuff Ligne will handle physical production of the film. . . .

Here are the other recently-released or currently-in-development Noah’s Ark cartoons I have mentioned over the past month:

  1. El Arca, which came out in Argentina this past summer.
  2. Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning, which Promenade Pictures is already producing from a script by Ed Naha.
  3. Noah’s Ark, which Unified Pictures plans to produce from a script by Philip LaZebnik.

If you know of any others, by all means, let me know.

OCT 26 UPDATE: Matt Page at the Bible Films Blog has discovered a promo pic for this film at the Gaumont website. It depicts what seems to be an ape holding a pictorial checklist — a gimmick we saw several years ago in Walt Disney’s Fantasia 2000 (1999).

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