Captain Sulu to appear in Star Trek XI?

Captain Sulu to appear in Star Trek XI? November 30, 2007 is reporting that George Takei did an interview in the newest issue of Starburst in which he revealed that he will be in the new Star Trek movie — presumably as Captain Sulu, who was last seen in a flashback episode of Star Trek: Voyager (1996) that took place during the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991; my comments), but who knows.

And yes, he will reportedly share a scene with Leonard Nimoy.

If Takei is playing Sulu, will his scene take place in the 23rd century, after the events of the first six movies? Or will it take place in the 24th century, which is where we last saw Ambassador Spock, and where the new film will reportedly start?

If the former, then how will they squeeze yet another time period into the existing storyline, which is said to veer between the 24th century and the young Sulu‘s early days in Starfleet? And why couldn’t they have used the same device to fit in a glimpse of William Shatner as the older Captain James T. Kirk? And will there be any reference to Sulu’s daughter, who was present for the “death” of Kirk in Star Trek: Generations (1994; my comments)?

If the latter, then will Takei be made up to look at least as old as Admiral McCoy was, when he appeared in the very first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)? (Apparently, based on a line of dialogue in an early episode of Voyager, there is reason to believe that Sulu lived to be over 100, just like McCoy.)

UPDATE: says Brad Altman, Takei’s “business manager and partner”, has officially debunked the rumour, telling the site: “The Starburst Magazine article is erroneous, we will be as surprised as the fans if George is in Star Trek XI.”

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  • Of course it’s not true. That’s the first piece of news I’ve heard about this movie that’s actually pleased me. 😛