Hmmm, why did they pick these four faces?

Hmmm, why did they pick these four faces? November 25, 2007

I just saw this ad for an upcoming high-def James Bond marathon over at Facebook, and two things leapt out at me. One, there are 21 films in the “official” series produced by the Broccoli family, but this marathon will apparently feature only 19 of them — which two films were left out, and why? Two, there are 6 actors who have played Bond in these films, but only 4 of them are depicted in the art duplicated here — and while it’s no surprise that one-shot George Lazenby is missing, I am struck by the fact that Timothy Dalton, who made only two films, one of which didn’t do so well in North America, is included here, whereas Pierce Brosnan, whose four films outgrossed everybody else’s until Daniel Craig came along, has been left out of the picture. Is a re-evaluation of these actors and their respective places in the franchise in the works?

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  • Kristin

    It doesn’t surprise me that they left Pierce out. After he lost the role he was very damning in interviews about the Brocolis. But I still think he embodies Bond and feel sad that his tenure ended so badly. It was no fault of his that his films were poorly written; rather the fault of the Brocolis who were running scared after portraying a gritter Bond with Timothy Dalton which didn’t work at that time. It seemed that they wanted to return to the more traditional portrayal of the Roger Moore era, which was awful!!!Thankfully Pierce managed to carry it off to perfection, portraying Bond as a cold blooded killer with a sense of humour! Good luck to Daniel Craig. He is a great Bond. But Pierce doesn’t deserve the flack he gets on some websites. He will always be Bond to me.

  • It has nothing to do with re-imagining or anything personal.

    Brosnan isn’t included because NONE of his 4 Bond films are included. They all have separate very lucrative long term TV deals existing outside the original 16 (packaged in one group and selling for much less) and Casino Royale. Three of the four were just included in the recent TBS Thanksgiving Marathon and they made up about half the marathon airings with all of their repeats and often in the prime hours because they consistently get the best ratings.

    The other two Bond films included to make up the 19 here are I think the original Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again.

  • Donna

    It is an erroneous misconception that LICENCE TO KILL shut down the Bond series. The Bond series was shut down for 6 years due to a lawsuit having to do with the rights to the Bond novels. It had nothing to do with LICENCE TO KILL, or with Dalton. In fact Dalton was given the script to GOLDENEYE before he decided he waited too long and wanted out of the contract.

  • Isis: They’re using non-Broccoli films in the marathon? Interesting. And they’re including the 1967 version of Casino Royale? Egad.

    Donna: Thanks for the info re: License to Kill; the Timothy Dalton article at Wikipedia pretty much confirms what you say, though they say Dalton’s contract had already expired by the time GoldenEye came along and he was negotiating whether to sign a new one. A quick check of the film’s page at also indicates that License to Kill was a hit overseas, where it grossed $121.5 million; it was only in North America where the film flopped, grossing a mere $34.7 million, which makes it 17th of the 21 “official” films released so far.

  • The more I think about it, the more I realize I shouldn’t have ignored the overseas box-office. When you look at the worldwide grosses for the entire Bond series, as posted here and here, it looks like License to Kill was pretty much on par with the other films of the 1980s, all of which grossed between $150 million and $200 million worldwide.

    So the original “flop” comment was definitely erroneous! I’ll amend the post accordingly.

  • Brosnan made a pretty bland Bond after Goldeneye.