Three Little Pigs, take one, take two …

Three Little Pigs, take one, take two … December 27, 2007

Jerry Beck at Cartoon Brew raises an interesting question: Now that the Library of Congress’s National Film Preservation Board has added Disney’s Three Little Pigs (1933) to the National Film Registry, which version will they preserve for all time? The original, politically incorrect version? Or the slightly censored version that was released in the 1950s, which is the version that most of us have grown up with? Both versions, perhaps?

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  • ok, i remember you posted on this a while ago. but i’m lazy so i have to ask: was the whole short done as anti-Semitic or just this part. also, my wife and i were watching some Disney Vaults on Youtube the other day and noticed large parts of those that had blackface gags and whatnot.

    but the real reason i’m writing: blog-a-thon. are you in? looking for posts on rocking album(s) by Christians. i’m thinking since you’re one of the few fans of Steve Taylor and Terry Taylor that i know of, you might be interested…


  • As far as I know, it’s just this one scene that had the ethnic stereotype. (In the cartoon, there are three shots of the Big Bad Wolf disguised as a salesman, and the original version of two of those shots is included as a bonus feature on the original Silly Symphonies DVD set that came out six years ago; that is where I got the image captured here.)

    As for the Blog-a-thon … maybe. I’ll see how much time I have once the holidays are over.

  • RC

    I kind of would hope that both versions would be included, because it shows different ways the popculture mirrors the cultural-historic ideas in society.

  • It should be both.