Somebody kill Justice League, please.

Somebody kill Justice League, please. March 29, 2008

George Miller’s Justice League movie has reportedly been re-named Justice League Mortal. We should be so lucky. Recent reports in Variety and the Sydney Morning Herald indicated that the film would not be able to shoot in Miller’s native Australia as planned, because the government wouldn’t give the film a tax break — but instead of leaving this misbegotten film to die, Miller has reportedly begun scouting locations here in British Columbia. And now, Cinema Blend says it got a tip from a reader who spoke to Adam Brody in a B.C. bar and was told that Hayden Christensen — you know, Anakin Skywalker, the guy from Jumper — is playing Superman. Good grief, it was bad enough when the filmmakers were casting virtual unknowns who gave the impression that the film was going to dumb down a bunch of popular superheroes and turn them into whiny, adolescent rip-offs of their actual selves, but if this really is the biggest known actor that they’re turning to, then that just seals the deal. Kill this movie now, people. Maybe Jerry Siegel’s heirs can do something about this.

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