Dawn Treader — a taste of what is to come?

Dawn Treader — a taste of what is to come? November 21, 2008

It remains anyone’s guess whether the cameras will ever start rolling on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but one thing we do know is that the people who made the previous Narnia films have been working on the next one in pre-production for some time now.

The new DVD for Prince Caspian — which came out in Great Britain this week and comes to North American stores December 2 — includes a featurette on the previsualization of these films that ends with a few very, very brief glimpses of the work that has been done so far on Dawn Treader.

The image above is concept art that, I’m guessing, depicts the scene where Lucy goes looking for the Magician’s book. The image below is concept art for, presumably, the Dawn Treader itself:

Finally, the featurette ends with two brief animatic shots of a dragon flying over the water, then bursting out of the water and lunging at the camera. I do not know whether these shots depict the same dragon, or whether they are part of the same scene, or what.

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  • You know, I watch these movies, and I read critics like you and Overstreet, and I try to approach them two ways: as a simple fan delighted to see the books realized on screen, and critically (as in, how well do the storytellers reach their objective, how well does it capture Lewis’s vision, etc). I understand, and on many level side with, the criticisms CASPIAN and WARDROBE have received, particularly the stripping of Aslan’s humble power. I think of that, and the time and effort that goes into these movies and think, well bummer, they’re all right, but they could have been so much better, so much richer.

    And then I see images like this, and get excited all over again.

    Michael Apted is a much different (and much more experienced) director than Andrew Adamson. If DAWN TREADER ever does get produced, hopefully (crossing fingers) the third time will be the charm.

  • Anonymous

    Voyage of the Dawntreader is my favorite Narnia book with all of its beautiful visuals. I was so looking forward to this movie. I just pray it goes forward and is released in the theaters! What has been the problem with the holdup? I can’t seem to find any information on that.

  • Bla


  • Ariel_of_Narnia


    I’m thinking the reason VDT is taking so long to come out is that Ben Barnes (aka Caspian) was filming “Dorian Grey”(again, it’s a guess).

  • will they ever make the last battle

  • The question is whether the plots are adhered to faithfully. What has bothered me about LWW and PC most is the politically correct skirting of real issues. In PC, (no pun intended), Lewis was clear in his criticism of modern society (read “Abolition of Man” and “That Hideous Strength, which, btw, would make an excellent film), but this was completely dropped from the film. Worse, was the portrayal of Aslan as some sort of magician who called into play outside forces, rather than being the One who WAS the Force (so to speak: I’m not referring to Star Wars Zen here!).

    One comment asked about “Last Battle.” The thinly disguised Narnian version of Islam might be the question here. Would anyone want to touch that one in a “children’s” film?

    On the other hand, I do feel the same way as Travis: we can only hope (and pray). I’d jump on board this if I could. As a professional composer, I’ve been immensely disappointed in the scoring for the first two films (Travis: “…but they could have been so much better, so much richer”) and would love to have a crack at it. Any connections anyone? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I was really hoping that all 7 books would get made. Years ago a canada company made lion, prince, and dawn, but I always wanted to see the others on film as well. The problem is if they havent got it in the works, the last battle just wont be right as the actors for peter and such will be WAY to grown up. I think these have been good so far but could be great films with so much more then what has been done…

  • Anonymous

    oops.. not canada, england, i think… bbc…years ago that is how disney has the rights, my guess since I think they own it now.. not 100%

  • Thank you!
    The ship is very similar to the “Dawn Treader” in the book.
    See the quote:
    “It was a picture of a ship – a ship sailing straight towards you. Her prow was gilded and shaped like the head of a dragon with wide-open mouth. She had only one mast and one large, square sail which was a rich purple. The sides of the ship – what you could see of them where the gilded wings of the dragon ended-were green. She had just run up to the top of one glorious blue wave, and the nearer slope of that wave came down towards you, with streaks and bubbles on it”.

  • Jamie

    disney has announced that they are dropping production of the dawn treader . . .HUGE BUMMER. so walden media is hoping fox productions will come through for them. if not, we may not see the dawn treader come to the big screen :[

  • Let’s hope that Fox shall be taken for this film.

  • The Chronicles of Narnia is much more than swashbuckling adventure and charming magic… it’s also about spiritual journey. Dawn Treader has such tender moments in it, that I would rather NOT see the movie produced than have it REDUCED to a mere action film. The first two movies were good… Prince Caspian took too many liberties with the story, however. Peter DID see Aslan in the middle of it, and met with him. All four children saw Aslan, before the battles began. Peter was not the brash arrogant kid as the movie portrayed him. In the book Peter was a thoughtful, regal and elegant character. The Caspian movie did his character a disservice. The Chronicles of Narnia are so beloved, and so well known, that I think Walden should not rewrite it. I do think Walden did an amazing job with the animals of Narnia: I simply can’t get enough of Reepicheep (in the books or the movie!), so it was pure delight to see him onscreen. I wish there had been more of Pattertwig, and the Bumbling Bears, the Giants and all the marvelous talking animals of Narnia. They are not incidental to the story: they are the most charming part of it.

  • Anonymous

    i can’t wait for this movie!!! although i liked twilight more, i think caspian is sooooo hot and can’t wait to bring him back for the next one!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I would hate not to see the rest of the Narnia books come to life. They have been a joy to read, and now see on the big screen. I do wish they would stay more true to the books and the true meaning of them though. LWW was close, but Prince Caspian, though good, didn’t stay as true to the original story. I definately hope someone will continue the Narnia journey on film for all of the fans!!

  • Anonymous

    We need to think and remember that the goal of this wonderful story is about the truth of what Jack was trying to get across. That the parallel of this fantasy and real life is that Aslan is here only a different name, and that we can have the lasting life as the characters in the story have if we but seek him. The Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Anonymous

    I hope The Voyage of the Dawn Treader comes out soon!I am so looking forward to seeing it in theaters. So fare Prince caspian is my favourite book aswell as movie.