Newsbites: The history and religion edition!

Newsbites: The history and religion edition! November 4, 2008

Here are a few more items that came up in recent days.

1. Steven Soderbergh says Cleo, his recently-announced 3-D musical about the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra, will be inspired on some level by the classic film noir Gilda (1946). — Anne Thompson, Karina Longworth

2. Malek Akkad, whose father directed the Mohammed biopic The Message (1976), says the recently-announced Mohammed biopic The Messenger of Peace will not be a remake of his father’s film, despite earlier reports that suggested it would be a remake. — New York Times

3. Dante’s Inferno continues to attract filmmakers, and others. A 2007 film made with puppets came out on DVD a couple months ago, and Universal has just bought the rights to an upcoming Electronic Arts video game that will be based in some way on Dante’s “journey through the depths of hell.” — Soul Food Movies, Variety

4. Max Allan Collins has written and will direct two sequels to The Road to Perdition (2002; my review). Collins wrote the graphic novel on which the original film was based, and he also wrote the novelization of the film, which departed from his graphic novel in significant ways. It sounds like the sequels — called The Road to Purgatory and The Road to Paradise, and presumably based on the novels of those names — will imagine a different future for the Michael Sullivan Jr. character than the epilogue to the graphic novel did. — The Hollywood News, Variety

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