Superman cartoons — another re-packaging

Superman cartoons — another re-packaging December 26, 2008

MTV Splash Page reports that “the first authorized collection” of the Superman cartoons produced between 1941 and 1943 will be coming out on DVD in April; however, with the exception of one new featurette, it sounds like this is mainly a repackaging of materials that were previously included with the 2006 editions of the first two Superman movies (1978-1980).

Coincidentally, my children began watching these cartoons a few weeks ago, and my daughter in particular has become quite a fan. Hearing her say the name “Superman!” so excitedly, I suddenly find myself thinking that it might not be such a bad thing to have a simple superhero who fights for “truth and justice”, full stop, instead of all the angsty, alienated, self-conscious, morally confused heroes that I and other comic fans have been enjoying for so long (and that includes the Superman of all five movies). One day, sure, she’ll be ready for the more grown-up and/or adolescent stuff — but for now, let’s keep the superheroics on a level that an almost-three-year-old can understand.

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