Battle of the Thursday-night Bible-movie previews!

Battle of the Thursday-night Bible-movie previews! March 11, 2016


Just a quick note regarding the box office for Risen and The Young Messiah.

Three weeks ago, Risen earned $425,000 at 2,329 theatres the night before its official opening day. (Thursday-night previews are common practice within the industry.)

Last night, The Young Messiah earned $475,000 at 1,300 theatres.

So The Young Messiah earned more money in fewer venues: an average of $365 per venue compared to Risen’s average of $182 per venue.

Despite the fact that The Young Messiah has the edge here, most industry experts were predicting the film would gross around $7-8 million for the weekend — and as of this afternoon they have lowered their expectations to a mere $3.8 million, which would be way, way lower than the $11.8 million that Risen opened to.

As ever, we shall see. Sunday is still two days away. Let’s check back then.

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