NBC to set the story of Noah’s Ark… in space!

NBC to set the story of Noah’s Ark… in space! August 27, 2016


Nine years after Evan Almighty and two years after Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, the steady stream of Noah-themed projects shows no sign of abating. There was the South African musical Unogumbe in 2013 and the BBC TV-movie The Ark in 2015, and now the NBC network is planning a show that would set the Noah story… in space!

Here is how Deadline describes the show, which is also called The Ark:

NBC has bought The Ark, a high-concept drama spec from 20th Century Fox TV and Robert Zemeckis’ ImageMovers. The project, a grounded, modern retelling of the Noah’s Ark story from the Bible, was written by Black List scribe Daniel Kunka (12 Rounds). It centers on an engineer who, after the death of his wife, has a vision to construct a ship capable of sustaining life in space. When the build happens to coincide with the coming end of the world, the engineer realizes there may be a larger story at play.

The notion of saving life in outer space while the Earth is destroyed has been explored in science fiction before, most recently (to my recollection) in the 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. And there have been other stories of people preparing for disasters that they have seen in visions, such as the 2011 film Take Shelter.

But it sounds like The Ark might be an ongoing series, rather than a finite movie or miniseries, which raises questions about how far off the impending disaster would be, and how the writers would pay everything off. As ever, we shall see, hopefully.

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