Mary Magdalene comes to DVD overseas while its North American release remains in limbo

Mary Magdalene comes to DVD overseas while its North American release remains in limbo July 14, 2018

Two quick updates regarding Garth Davis’s Mary Magdalene.

First, Deadline reports that The Weinstein Company and/or its soon-to-be new owners at Lantern Capital have been trying to sell the North American distribution rights to this film (and a few of The Weinstein Company’s other films) to a new distributor:

Sources said that TWC has been screening for potential buyers all of its finished films. That includes The Current War, Mary Magdalene with Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix, and The Upside, the remake of The Intouchables that stars Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. Sources said that several distributors liked some of the films, but not the initial ask for a deal to acquire the entire finished film slate instead of piecemeal titles. It will remain to be seen if anybody bites.

So we still don’t know who will release this film across North America, or indeed whether it will get a North American release, much less when that release might be.

However, the film did get released in much of the rest of the world a few months ago, and it is now about to come out on DVD and Blu-Ray in at least some of those territories.

It’s coming to the UK on July 23 and to Australia on August 15.

If you’re an American or a Canadian and you own a region-free player, you may want to import the disc, instead of waiting for the film to come to a theatre near you.

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